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Pia Silva
No BS Business / Worstofall Design
This has been an AMAZING experience. I am so freaking thankful that I found Susan and had her do this. I feel completely empowered over my numbers for the first time in years, despite my obsession with Excel sheets and tracking numbers."
Tamara Kemper
The Process Mavens
I feel so much smarter and better-prepared to lead my team into the next year equipped with the framework Susan set up for me.
Thank you thank you!
Rachel Jordan
Teach FX
I love how Susan just casually thows out an incredibly magical and efficient all-around perfect solution like it's nothin'
margo Aaron
That Seems Important / Brainstorm Road
Susan makes your life easier. Working with her is like working with a dream. She always seems to figure out how to do extremely complicated things with ease. If you have a chance to work with her DO IT. She is an absolute delight and your business will never be the same.
Jaime Campbell
Tier One Services
Not many people have this combination of accounting knowledge, technological fearlessness, and boldness to take on new projects and problems - don't take this for granted; it's rare among accountants.
Chris Strompolos
Fanology Social
Susan offers data and solutions up the way they should be - so black and white, just really clean information, straight to the point, it's not candy-coated.
Hillary Weiss
Creative Director
Now I feel crystal clear about where money is coming from, when, and why. I finally have a grip on this money thing. It's not only no longer scary — it's actually fun.

Susan is the best in the biz — and for good reason. Dive first into this adventure, and watch the way you see your money transform. You'll be glad you did.
Mary Beth Simón
Niche Partnership Consulting
I feel smarter just listening to Susan's podcast.

Hi, I'm Susan

As a CFO and business strategist, I focus on helping businesses get clear on their numbers and truly understand their inner workings at a deeper level so they can make decisions from a place of intention and purpose, instead of panic.

Over the course of my 15+ years partnering with CEOs to build high-growth companies, I've seen way too many business owners burn out - or build businesses they want to burn down. I've even been one of them.

On my own journey back from burnout, I thought that there had to be a better way to build businesses - a calmer, more sustainable way.

But calmer businesses don't happen by accident. You have to design them that way.

And that's what we do here.

Design a Calmer Business

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